Goodbye Dating: I Don’t Want You, I Want Me, Myself & I


I could sit here and write some overly-dramatic rant that nobody really cares about, yet I’d prefer to keep things short (yeah right, who am I kidding,) sweet, and oh so to the point. Trust me, there is a point here…one that is very RAW.

ThinkSoul25It’s 2014 and more than ever this year, I’m on my Wonder Woman mode. This 6ft Amazonian is putting things in gear to live the life she wants.

This year, I’m truly keeping calm and loving me, myself, and I. With graduate school (MA in Design) on my horizon, a new body (workout routine 5-7 days a week is paying off,) and a raw new look on relationships, I’m just totally in the mode of doing me. If it’s not about myself, my career, my dreams, my looks, or my satisfaction, then I don’t want to waste precious breath on it.

You see, in 2013 I tried really hard to put others before, specifically men that I¬†thought I was into, but then after careful consideration realized they just weren’t for me. Whether they lacked an ambitious career drive or lacking in the physical department (looks, ¬†fitness, etc,) I just decided that in 2014 I won’t settle for lames. Continue reading “Goodbye Dating: I Don’t Want You, I Want Me, Myself & I”


Sounds of Berlin: DJ/Producer/Singer Fritz Kalkbrenner

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Steppin’ Up My Nomadic Game

Hey world! I know I’ve been slacking off on blogging lately, but the good news is my book is coming along very well! It can get addicting when your writing a book and you begin to get wrapped up in the characters. Creative writing is a fun world to escape into, but beware the hours can fly by. For instance, after watching "I Shouldn’t Be Alive" last night I decided to work on my book for an hour and then get some rest. Well that hour turned into me staying up till 3am and getting caught up in a scene … Continue reading Steppin’ Up My Nomadic Game