ThinkSoul25 Radio | Week 3 | Rooftop [Free Download]

Rooftop is a mix for socializing, flirting, dancing, and daydreaming. Get your sexy on with a selection of house personally selected & mixed by Johnny Fontana. Continue reading ThinkSoul25 Radio | Week 3 | Rooftop [Free Download]

ThinkSoul25: The Book

Good morning everyone! Before I start my day, I wanted to remind my new and old readers of two things: I wrote a book and I’m currently writing a second, better, and original book with fresh new content. That’s right, I’m in the process of working on an original in depth collection of witty material. All the hilarious truth life experiences and hundreds of dates I’ve gone on are all being detailed in my new book. It’s juicy! Not only is the book filled with dating stories and random musings, it also is even more in depth glimpses at some … Continue reading ThinkSoul25: The Book

DMV Welcomes Back Jamile McGee

*It’s great to finally have my brother back in the DMV* From dancing beside Rihanna, gracing the floor with Beyonce, working alongside Chris Brown and sharing laughs, Jamile McGee has danced with top names in the entertainment industry. Following his days on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance?” season one, as third place finalist Jamile has had a successful career as a dancer and choreographer. Jamile’s love for dance has been alive since a very young age. At the age of four Jamile was always dancing around the house, mimicking the famous dance moves of Michael Jackson, James Brown, … Continue reading DMV Welcomes Back Jamile McGee

World Hold On

As a writer I have exposed my readers to my random side, my taste for music, my raw opinions on dating and relationships, and my savvy editorial content. I’ve received a great deal of positive response regarding my written material, yet I’m still faced with other impending issues and concerns. Writer’s have the ability to change a life with a nicely constructed sentence or an entire essay. Even taking the time to switch out a word for another choice from the Thesaurus can make or break the message. Words are meant to make a statement and I know that first … Continue reading World Hold On

ThinkSoul25: Thoughts of an Urban Nomad Vlog 2

It was one of the first real snowy days here in Denver( not the mountains) where the snow actually stuck and didn’t melt an hour later. I had been out in the snow all day running errands, and when I came home I decided to do a quick video blurb. Check it out! More concentrated topic vlog  later on. Continue reading ThinkSoul25: Thoughts of an Urban Nomad Vlog 2

You Don’t Even Know Me

Armand Van Helden- You Don’t Even Know Me This has been my theme song for the past 11 years of my life. “You don’t even know me…you say that I’m not living right…you don’t understand me….so why do you judge my life?” I know every word in this song by heart and it’s a song I hold close to my soul. I grew up in a household that promoted and evoked success. My childhood was spent moving around from various cities and parts of the country. People always asked me “Are your parents in the military?” I would simply reply, … Continue reading You Don’t Even Know Me