Diplo Set To Host Questlove’s VH1 Live Music Show, ‘Soundclash’

With executive production from The Roots drummer, Questlove, Diplo has officially been announced as the host of Soundclash. Since summer is right around the corner, you can expect a lot of new music, festivals, and yes, new television shows. But since MTV doesn’t really … Continue reading Diplo Set To Host Questlove’s VH1 Live Music Show, ‘Soundclash’


DNB Flashback | Calibre & High Contrast – ‘Mr. Majestic’

The year was 2006. I had spent 5 years falling in love with the origins and evolution of house music, and I was soaking up an arsenal of music that could rival any DJ’s collection. Yet, I was still a foreigner to the sounds of drum and bass. That is, until I heard “Mr. Majestic.” Continue reading DNB Flashback | Calibre & High Contrast – ‘Mr. Majestic’

Jimmy & Justin: History of Rap Part 2

The other night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake came on the show to talk about his new movie. Friends With Benefits hits theaters today and JT had a great time promoting it on the Jimmy Fallon show, but he couldn’t leave without performing the history of hip-hop with Jimmy. There’s nothing I love more than seeing two of the coolest white boys reciting classic hip-hop songs and awkwardly dancing. It’s classic! I’m a huge fan of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, especially since their skits on SNL as the Bee Gees. The history of rap part 2 … Continue reading Jimmy & Justin: History of Rap Part 2

My Favorite Rappers: # 1

If I had to compile a list of my top rappers that I’m currently listening to religiously, it would be based solemnly on content of the material and the lyrical flow. My list isn’t necessarily based on a rating of 1 being the best and 10 being last place. Each artist has something that makes them special in my music library and the ones on this list are Number 1 in their own respective flow. So every day I’m going to post one of my favorite rappers and some of there videos that I like. I have a lot of … Continue reading My Favorite Rappers: # 1