The Urban Nomad Is….Content.

Ah it’s a breezy and slightly rainy Friday evening.  I’m not scrambling around trying to make Friday night plans, I’m not texting up a storm, and I’m not bored. I’m relaxing at home after a long day of writing and working out. For the past two weeks I’ve been running at this lake not too far from my house and I’ve been cycling every day in my room while I blast music and knock out 45 to 60mins on my fitness bike. Living in Denver for 3 years sure did give me a passion for fitness, so I love working … Continue reading The Urban Nomad Is….Content.

Nah, I’m Good

Monday morning classes came and went this week. I was exhausted from having a cool conversation on the phone the previous night and wasn’t looking forward to sitting through acting and scriptwriting. My ethnic studies class was canceled, so I walked off campus and headed to the Starbucks located not too far from my downtown campus. The tall white guy behind the counter was always in a chipper mood and you could tell he loved his job. I wondered if he was a musician on the side or a sultry poet. Whatever he did, you could tell that he had … Continue reading Nah, I’m Good