ThinkSoul25 Episode 5: “I’m Back”

Finally got around to doing a new vlog! I was just relaxing earlier today and decided to film a new vlog. It’s just a visual update on my life and my feelings on the arts. It’s a glimpse into my room, my opinions, and what I’ve been up to since the last vlog. Hope you like it! As usual I’m just being myself and not worried about anything other than expressing my feelings. The video speaks for itself, so I’m not going to write an essay here. hahaha! Continue reading ThinkSoul25 Episode 5: “I’m Back”

More Than a House Junkie

It’s no surprise that I listen to a lot of music aside from house music. I didn’t go to this month’s Deep Sugar because I had a date and ended up going out for a nice dinner and movie. My brother and his friends went instead and they said it was a blast, so I’m definitely not going to miss the next Deep Sugar Party. I love house music with a passion, but I’m more than just a house music junkie. My Ipod is filled with a lot of jazz, classic rock, pop songs, and other genres in the realm … Continue reading More Than a House Junkie