I Need to Love Me

I ran across this track last night and the lyrics have been ringing in my head. Kings of Tomorrow and April’s track “I Need to Love Me” is one of those house songs that conveys a lot of truth.The lyrics are honestly something I can relate to, there are those times in my life when I’ve had to start over and find my own path (especially after a relationship ends.) If being an urban nomad has taught me anything, the most important thing I’ve come to realize is that you truly have to love yourself. A lot of people have … Continue reading I Need to Love Me

The Reinvention

I was scrolling through my pictures earlier and ran across this photo to the right. That’s a picture of me attempting to look sexy cute at the age of 14. It was that time of life when I was growing out of the girl playing video games and realizing that I could attract men for my looks and personality; it’s not all about trying to impress guys with video game lingo. Yet, with that being said;I am and will always be a female gamer, but it’s time to sort of grow up. I’ve reached that point where I’m beginning to … Continue reading The Reinvention

Finding Me:Thoughts of the Urban Nomad

After lying on my bed for 10minutes staring at my PS3, 360, and Wii, I decided to resort to something productive, which explains why I’m now lying here writing on my blog. I’m still dismayed at the Playstation Network being offline, I mean it’s been 3 days already and still their hasn’t been a confirmed date in which it will be active again. I’m able to function without PSN, but it’s been fascinating reading all these blog posts about the outage and what to do while it’s offline. You’d think the world had ended or something, it’s upset a lot … Continue reading Finding Me:Thoughts of the Urban Nomad