International Dance Sensation Crystal Waters

Yesterday I wrote a post about my love for house music and forgot to mention my other love, dance music. House is an aspect of the electronica/dance genre, but there are so many avenues within that category. House, dance, techno, trance, drum & bass, acid, garage, dub-step, breakbeat, disco, hi NRG, hardstyle, eurodance, and so many other genres. With so many genres, new genres, and hybrid genres being formed every day, it would be impossible to write a relevant book on electronica/dance music. I’d love to cover everything and all the genres, but I do have to sleep at some … Continue reading International Dance Sensation Crystal Waters

Meant to be Mint

I’ve been on this old school kick lately with hip-hop, but I’ve also been jamming to 90s r&b. My playlist wouldn’t be complete with Jagged Edge, Jodeci, H-Town, Guy,Dru Hill, New Edition,Boyz II Men, Silk, and so many other artist that make up the 800 r&b songs on my Ipod. If I keep finding good music every day, I’m going to end up investing in a 32gb Ipod and giving my 16gb to my sister in law. I’m not obsessed with music, but I love good music! For those of you who read my post the other day, you read … Continue reading Meant to be Mint