It’s Okay, You’re Awkward…I Get It

I’ve never been the type of person to exactly follow social protocol. I’m far from a social assassin like Mr. Larry David, but I’m usually off into my own world. Sometimes I over analyze basic situations and other times I just completely “go for it.” Yet, my undeniable efforts always end up in a funny and random conversation. I remember about two weeks ago I was at Target buying Fight Night Champion. I was getting as a gift for my brother, just wanted to do something nice for my big bro. It was really crowded and seemed everyone in the … Continue reading It’s Okay, You’re Awkward…I Get It

Found Shit

The title of this post alone is probably conjuring up some curiosity. You are maybe wondering what in the world “Found Shit” means and why am I writing about it. Well, I didn’t actually find a piece of “shit” and this post isn’t about how crappy something is. There is a story here, so lets begin. A little under a year ago, I was sitting in Denver one day minding my own business. You’d think I was probably contemplating ways to get out of Colorado and back home to the East coast, but in actuality I was working on homework.I … Continue reading Found Shit