A Life Lesson From Steve Jobs: Connect the Dots

I’ve never been big on memorizing quotes and devoting myself to any daily mantras, but there are some memorable quotes by Steve Jobs that are worth having as daily mantras. His above speech is one of his most iconic speeches … Continue reading A Life Lesson From Steve Jobs: Connect the Dots

Napoleon Da Legend “Quarantine”

I originally wrote about DMV rapper Napoleon Da Legend’s new song “Quarantine” on HipHopExtra, but I wanted to post a piece of it here as well. If you haven’t been keeping an eye on Napoleon Da Legend, then wake up! He’s been doing big things and his lyrical prowess continues to radiate on every track he graces. Here is my post below, which can be found on Ruff Kut Videoz: Napoleon Da Legend “Quarantine” Crazy Al Cayne’s anticipated project The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol. 1: Napoleon Da Legend will hopefully be dropping soon. While fans of Crazy Al Cayne … Continue reading Napoleon Da Legend “Quarantine”