Awesomesauce & the Art of Being Geeky Chic

I’m a lover of all things artsy, but I’m also a lover of all things geeky with a hint of delicate chic. I’m not one of those females that compromises¬†my¬†femininity in order to enjoy videogames and geek culture. I still … Continue reading Awesomesauce & the Art of Being Geeky Chic

Freaks and Geeks

I’m a huge fan of Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover, you know the geeky black guy who used to write for 30 Rock and is an actor on Community. I love his personality and his swag is geeky fresh. I heard the remix of his track “Freaks and Geeks” a few days ago on DC Mumbo Sauce and I had to go check out the official video by Childish Gambino. The remix was nice with it, but the Childish Gambino track is hilarious and dope. He really has some skills on the mic and I love how he makes fun … Continue reading Freaks and Geeks

Single and Not Trippin’

Hey world, or perhaps the select few who continue to read my rants and revelations, how’s it going? I haven’t really been blogging much the past few days, just been in this mental space of figuring life out and analyzing my emotions. For most of my life I’ve always chased after guys or had some type of male interaction, but for the first time I’m not trippin’ over my current situation. I’ve got to the point where I’m sick of entertaining and dealing with men that are just lame, they may look good, but their personality is so dull. Literally, … Continue reading Single and Not Trippin’