Ask Me Out, it’s Not Rocket Science

jazzsooveritYou see the picture to the right? Yeah, that’s me and I took it the other day while lying down at the dance studio. I only had 3 hours of sleep within the past 30 hours and I was just so over it. Well apparently this picture doesn’t solemnly exemplify my sleepiness, but also it’s a great billboard for me saying “I’m so over it.” Over what you may ask. Well at this point I’m just kind of over this whole process of dating. Continue reading “Ask Me Out, it’s Not Rocket Science”


This is an assignment from my Scriptwriting class I took in sophomore year. I’ve never really had any close friends or friendships that have lasted a long time, and I surely haven’t had long-term relationships. So when it came to writing this assignment, the one person that came to my mind was a friend that really had a spirit for life. She died in a car accident while I was in Colorado and she was still in Maryland, but I always think of her and imagine what her life would have been like. She had so much pain and hurt, … Continue reading Moody

Coping With Death: How It Actually Works

You may be seeking some words of wisdom here, but the truth is that there just aren’t any. No words to alleviate, no phrases to soothe. Your best course of action is acceptance; cope with this head-on and force yourself to understand the consequences of your loss. Take a moment and fucking think about it. Understand that you will never again have a physical interaction with this person you loved, liked, or loathed. Harsh reality is the only reality there is and avoidance only begets bitter mourning. Over the weekend, I lost another friend. This means a life of fewer … Continue reading Coping With Death: How It Actually Works


Craigslist tv: Real People, Real Postings

I’ve spent a majority of my life moving around, meeting new people, and moving again. I’ve never really stayed in one place too long without having an inkling desire to relocate; which is why I’m known as an “urban nomad.” … Continue reading Craigslist tv: Real People, Real Postings