The 90’s Are All That I may have a passion for 80’s movies, but the 90’s is my favorite era in pop culture. I was born in April of 1991 and I grew up watching all the 90’s sitcoms, cartoons, and jamming to the music. The 90’s is often referred to as the golden age for hip-hop, but it was also a time period that pumped out some of the best shows. For years I’ve been talking about so many of my favorite 90’s shows and expressing my frustration with some of today’s shows on Disney and Nick. Disney has tried to revive the … Continue reading The 90’s Are All That

Jem: Totally Outrageous!

While Comcast has been busy transitioning over to Xfinity, there has been a handful of new channels added. I typically watch HGTV, Travel Channel, TLC, Centric, TvOne, and other channels; but the recent addition of HUB has become a daily favorite of mine. Over here in Montgomery County, Maryland the HUB channel is 130. Simply put; it’s the best cartoon channel ever! They show the ultimate old school cartoons and shows such as : Transformers, Batman, Fraggle Rock, Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego, Conan the Adventurer, and Jem. Not only does the HUB world contain those great shows, but … Continue reading Jem: Totally Outrageous!