Gas Mask Please

I’ve never really understood the concept of an airborne illness, until today. I have no problem admitting that I’m one of those conspiracy theorist people, I’m currently preparing for the zombie apocalypse that is about to take place on September 6th, 2011. Missed the memo? Well, too bad. September 6th 2011 is about to be the biggest zombie apocalypse ever! Okay, sike! Not really, unless you plan on picking up your copy of Dead Island. That game is going to be some addictive, you’ll seriously start plotting out escape plans for the day zombies actually attack. Dead Island and Resistance … Continue reading Gas Mask Please

The Return of Always Sunny in Philly

The countdown to September is two weeks away. It’s the time of year when folks are going back to school, people are moving, and some of the biggest video games and television shows debut in Autumn months. I’ve already made it a mission to blog about my excitement surrounding the September release of Dead Island, but there are some other things to be stoked about. With the introduction of so many new television shows this fall it will be interesting to see what the old shows bring to the table. Television shows are constantly being cancelled and created, but there … Continue reading The Return of Always Sunny in Philly

Dead Island Introduces a Black Female Character

Dead Island is less than a month away and I’m so stoked! I haven’t really been playing Black Ops nowadays and in between my packing (remember, I’m moving again,) I’ve just been playing the Sims 3 and staying up-to-date on Dead Island. I wish I could just speed up the time and be standing in line at Gamestop, picking up my pre-order copy of Dead Island. Yet, I don’t have the power to speed up time. If you know of anybody that does, let me know! lol Dead Island looks like it’s going to be a great zombie slashing game. … Continue reading Dead Island Introduces a Black Female Character