Finding Me:Thoughts of the Urban Nomad

After lying on my bed for 10minutes staring at my PS3, 360, and Wii, I decided to resort to something productive, which explains why I’m now lying here writing on my blog. I’m still dismayed at the Playstation Network being offline, I mean it’s been 3 days already and still their hasn’t been a confirmed date in which it will be active again. I’m able to function without PSN, but it’s been fascinating reading all these blog posts about the outage and what to do while it’s offline. You’d think the world had ended or something, it’s upset a lot … Continue reading Finding Me:Thoughts of the Urban Nomad

L.A. Noire: An Innovative 40s Thriller

The past two weeks I’ve been playing WWE All Stars and the usual Black Ops team death match and domination circuits. I used to own a lot of games but over time many of them lost my interest and their replay value diminished, so I traded them in. I know you don’t get much for trading in some games, but when I went to game stop two weeks ago I got 74 bucks for trading in two Little Big Planet Game of the Year Editions, some singing game for Ps3, and Resistance 2. I was able to get WWE All … Continue reading L.A. Noire: An Innovative 40s Thriller

Black Girl Gamer and Fashionista: What a Combo!

It’s no surprise to most them I’m considered not your “average black girl”. I maintain the title of being a freelance writer,  artist, female gamer, intellect, and fashionista. Amidst all my creative endeavors, most view me as a fairytale. I’m constantly bombarded with the usual “Oh, are you a real person?” or “I didn’t know black women like you even existed!”. Is it that rare nowadays to find a young black woman, or to be politically correct “African-American” woman who doesn’t idolize the falsified images in media? I’ve had the opportunity to interview ask black men ages 20-27 what their … Continue reading Black Girl Gamer and Fashionista: What a Combo!