I ♥ Black Men

“The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.”     -Marcus Garvey   Since the early days of mankind, Black men have roamed the planet and have overcome adversity. From our great African ancestors and the warriors transplanted from their kingdoms to the cotton fields, Black men have weathered the storms. The quote above by Marcus Garvey says it all, Black skin shouldn’t be viewed as a badge of shame yet rather a glorious symbol of national worldwide greatness. Black men, whether they be African-American, African, Mixed, etc; they are beautiful on … Continue reading I ♥ Black Men

Fierce, Fabulous, Cool, and Sexy

I’ve been busy working on articles today and finishing up a painting, but I started off the morning in a Grace Jones mood. Today I was feeling so creative and liberated, so I began my workout routine by jamming to Grace’s classic hit “Pull Up to the Bumper”.  That is one of my all time favorite songs, it is truly a classic and sexy hit. You can’t help but dancing when that first beat comes on, it just takes over your body and sends you into a state of euphoria. Grace Jones in my opinion is truly an iconic Black … Continue reading Fierce, Fabulous, Cool, and Sexy

Educated Hustler on FreshXpress

Good morning/afternoon everyone! Today is kind of late start for me, thanks to spending 4 hours playing COD:Black Ops. It can get so addicting and frustrating too, especially when the Playstation Network decides to mess up. There are some serious dedicated gamers on there and when the game begins to glitch, they get so pissed off! I usually end up muting their mics so I can concentrate, but every now and then it’s funny to hear what people across the country are saying while playing Black Ops. Even though I’m a gamer, I still am a human and need my rest. So … Continue reading Educated Hustler on FreshXpress

Blak Iz Blak

In  2000, a movie came out that stirred my conscious. My perception of the world around me was altered in a life changing way, which is still very well alive and kicking in my life today. Bamboozled, Spike Lee’s innovative satirical film that questioned black identity and it’s relationship with mainstream white America via television, dance, and music.  The film centers on the premise that black entertainment is created to satisfy the “black”  image that white people  want to see, the “minstrel” that is only good for dancing and jumping around, not capable of complex thought process. The film is … Continue reading Blak Iz Blak

Drop of Color in a White Sea

  It seems like second grade was a million years ago, even though it was about 11 years ago to date. I enjoyed second grade, I was always leading a group of girls or being a teachers pet. I loved school, especially when that time of year came when it was time to make memories. I loved picture day and always made sure to smile to the fullest…even though I had a tooth growing out of my gum on top of another tooth. It was weird, but I still managed to smile to the fullest. I still have a permanent … Continue reading Drop of Color in a White Sea

You Don’t Even Know Me

Armand Van Helden- You Don’t Even Know Me This has been my theme song for the past 11 years of my life. “You don’t even know me…you say that I’m not living right…you don’t understand me….so why do you judge my life?” I know every word in this song by heart and it’s a song I hold close to my soul. I grew up in a household that promoted and evoked success. My childhood was spent moving around from various cities and parts of the country. People always asked me “Are your parents in the military?” I would simply reply, … Continue reading You Don’t Even Know Me