Less Is More

The other day I watched ten minutes of Ultimate Merger with Toccara. The show and her personality was blah but the hilarious moment was when her foundation rubbed off onto his guy’s white mask. She had them dancing with her wearing white masks and the moment she got close to his face, she pulled away leaving a big brown patch on his mask. Seriously? At what point do you realize you’re doing way too much. Um, a little too much makeup! I’m always having these conversations with my male friends and guys I go on dates with. I love discussing … Continue reading Less Is More

The Reinvention

I was scrolling through my pictures earlier and ran across this photo to the right. That’s a picture of me attempting to look sexy cute at the age of 14. It was that time of life when I was growing out of the girl playing video games and realizing that I could attract men for my looks and personality; it’s not all about trying to impress guys with video game lingo. Yet, with that being said;I am and will always be a female gamer, but it’s time to sort of grow up. I’ve reached that point where I’m beginning to … Continue reading The Reinvention

Fierce, Fabulous, Cool, and Sexy

I’ve been busy working on articles today and finishing up a painting, but I started off the morning in a Grace Jones mood. Today I was feeling so creative and liberated, so I began my workout routine by jamming to Grace’s classic hit “Pull Up to the Bumper”.  That is one of my all time favorite songs, it is truly a classic and sexy hit. You can’t help but dancing when that first beat comes on, it just takes over your body and sends you into a state of euphoria. Grace Jones in my opinion is truly an iconic Black … Continue reading Fierce, Fabulous, Cool, and Sexy