TKDJS - Rolling feat. Chrissy Quadros_Cover Art

Fresh Vibes | TKDJS x Chrissy Quadros – ‘Rolling’

If classic house meets pop is your kind of thing (it should be), then check out this infectious new hit, “Rolling”, brought to you by TKDJS.

Featuring the pop vocals of Canadian vocalist, Chrissy Quadros, this is a fun piano-driven track that is slightly atmospheric, which is perfect for fast-paced (you know, car chase action) daydreaming.

Behind the Music

When the guy’s sent this track over to me, the also included some cool behind-the-scenes insight on how this track came about. Check it out:

Guys. We’re so excited to finally put this one out. This song has been over 5 months in the making now, starting in May when we were introduced to the lovely and suuuper talented Chrissy Quadros. Chrissy came to visit us in NYC, and after two studio sessions we came up with a vocal hook that we fell in love with. But the track wasn’t quite there yet. It needed a little something…deeper. So we drove up to Montreal in August to visit Chrissy and managed to book this awesome studio with super warm vibes (and great snacks). We re-wrote some lyrics with Chrissy, recorded for the whole day and part of the next, and by the following night we were all drunk in a park in downtown Montreal singing the song we had just written. Success.
So now ROLLING is READY. We think you guys are gonna like this one and hope that you will PLZ share the song, download it, buy it, enjoy the hell out of it and keep on rolling ;0


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