Road to Becoming the Ultimate #PCOSFighter

For over a decade, I’ve been struggling with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I’ve gone up and down with my weight, and my body image has gone through many hate/love phases.

At 6′ tall, my figure is more of a #fitthick than “chubby,” but when I was at 276lbs (in high school) I felt like an elephant. I didn’t even understand what it meant to feel sexy. Yet, growing up in Colorado really motivated me to stay active, and when I moved out to California I hit the cardio really hard and lost 20lbs.

Now, at 243 lbs (lost 11lbs since May 2015) I’m obsessed with everything fitness and determined to kick PCOS in the ass by becoming the Ultimate #PCOSFighter.  So what does that mean? It means dedicating my social media feeds to fitness (and of course house music,) learning new techniques, eating clean (with my dedicated cheat day), being vulnerable and transparent with my journey, and inspiring others with PCOS to kick ass in the gym/kitchen. 

It’s not easy living with PCOS. I didn’t enjoy taking medication that makes you sick (I’ve sworn off Metformin) and the extra weight I gained from birth control didn’t make me feel sexier, but that’s okay. Every day is a new opportunity to overcome and reach greatness.

As I take new steps each day to become a better person and work towards becoming a #PCOSFighter with a beautiful and strong #fitthick physique, I encourage you to join me on my journey. Share the laughter, the tears, and the sweat with me by following my journey here on this blog and on Instagram @thinksoul25.

Don’t let your diagnosis stop you from being the best you can be. Work for it and become the woman you deserve to be. Let’s stand up and fight for our bodies, fight for happiness, and fight for the right to be more than a “do-nothing-bitch.”

–♥ Jasmine

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