Little Louie Vega

Classic House | ‘Little’ Louie x Marc Anthony – ‘Ride On The Rhythm (MAW Dub)’

1280x1280Back in the day, “Little” Louie Vega teamed up with Marc Anthony (yes, J.Lo’s ex) for a few tracks on an album called “When The Night Is Over.” The album debuted in the 90s, but the standout track “Ride On the Rhythm” is a timeless house classic.

You see, back in 1991 Marc Anthony was still a freestyle musician, so he dabbled in a little bit of everything, including house. So hearing that he made an album with a house aficionado isn’t surprising, but it’s probably not a well-known fact…unless you live/breathe house.

Now that we got that bit of information out the way, let’s dive into what makes this track a classic. You’ve got Doug Lazy on the rap vocals, Todd Terry on co-production, The Basement Boys killing it with that soulful piano, and a stellar saxophone groove by Little Louie himself.

Everything about this song came together so perfect, which is why it’s my #tbt song of the day. On this track, you’ll eargasm to a mix of gospel soul infused with enough bass to get you moving.


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