DNB | Chase & Status x Capleton – ‘Duppy Man’

After coming from back from my mini road-trip to Ocean City, I’m in desperate need of getting a new car radio (factory one is still installed) for my 06 Acura RSX. I’m telling ya, going fast (v tech life) just isn’t the same without some good music, especially some DNB.

In the next few weeks I’ll be getting a new speaker and finally listening to some of my playlists (via bluetooth,) but in the meantime I’m on the hunt for some of my favorite DNB classics. You know, the tracks that got me entrenched into the drum & bass scene, yet have sadly been forgotten.

One of those classic DNB tracks happens to be from the incredible English production duo, Chase & Status. They’ve pumped out a lot of good tracks, but their 06 single “Duppy Man” is an instant classic.

Featuring Capleton, “Duppy Man(Who Dem)” is a wicked cut that’s got that pure drum & bass sound I love; nothing commercial about this tune.

Raw. Underground. Exotic. Classic. Those are just a few words I’d use to describe this track, but even my words don’t do this song justice. You just have to listen..listen again…and then listen once more.

Overall,  if you’re looking for something to zone out to while cruising the mean streets, then “Duppy Man” is your best bet.

Duppy Man

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