Pure Bliss | Slow Hands x Tanner Ross – ‘All The Same (Slow Hands Folk Wash)’

The sounds of an acoustic guitar have such an organic essence that resonate within your soul. No lyrics necessary, the folksy strumming of the strings weaves a story.

And Slow Hands’ Folk Wash edit of his song “All The Same” is truly a story that is brought together by incredible acoustics. However, vocals are present, but they are just an added bonus that enhance the story that the guitar has chosen to share.

All The Same (Folk Wash)

Check out what Slow Hands wrote on his soundcloud: 

We grow everyday as musicians, artists, and creators, if not, you’re doing something wrong. Much of the music I have made loses its charm to me by the time it finally comes off the presses, but something about this song has always resonated in my heart.

Perhaps it always brings me back to the debauchery of the night it was made. Drinking countless stolen bottles of wine under a full moon with Tanner in Majorca. Aimlessly throwing bocci balls as though competing at shot-put in the Olympics, all the while listening back to our rough arrangement on repeat. Maybe it’s because it’s the first song I really sang on, and the words we came up with meant quite a lot to us, and still do… even if the lyrics are indecipherable to those that didn’t write them. Sorry, I promise my voice and recording technics have gotten much better the last couple years.

But, it’s been two years since that night. And, as much as I will miss the amazing audience response to those 808 intro toms below Tanner panting, after two years of playing it in the live set, I decided it needed a bit of a revamp. A revamp heading in the direction of my current live set, and eventual album.

So, last week I picked up my parlor acoustic, called my friend Andrew Lynch (amazing bass player on my album), and Dave Robertson (Cameo Culture, and my amazing producer over the last year), and we sat down to jam on the rough sketches I’d been toying with. This is what happened, hope y’all dig…. – Slow Hands

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