Disco Bliss | Merle – ‘Fannie Likes 2 Dance’

tumblr_mpp3qjptKJ1r712ajo1_500I’m wishing I would have browsed soundcloud first before heading to the gym, because this disco bliss I stumbled upon would have been perfect for my workout!

Needless to say, I did my thing at the gym, and now I’m chilled out searching soundcloud for some good digs. And in the midst of my search, I found this track that someone reposted.

Albeit it was uploaded a year ago and would be perfect for a #TBT post, this track by Merle titled “Fannie Likes 2 Dance” is too funky not to post ASAP!

Riddled with vocals fuming erotic breathing, and a sexy upbeat tempo, this is a disco slice of heaven!

Not sure what it’s all about, but I know one thing for sure that “fannie likes 2 dance.” And from the sounds of it, she could probably change your life. 😉

Check it out:

Fannie Likes 2 Dance

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