Dope Design | Creative Projects In The Works

So, for quite some time I’ve been contemplating/working on taking the steps to start my own production company, and now I decided to go ahead and make that a reality. I’m in graduate school full time, so I’ve got nothing to lose to take some time to work on some creative projects and build up my portfolio.

Thus, say hello to my new vision, TigerBull Media. Composed of video, photography, and graphic design,  this is my repertoire of individual projects and paid-freelance work. 🙂

Check out some of the shots I took yesterday with my new Canon Rebel T3i and be sure to stay tuned for some upcoming video projects as well.

TigerBull Media

10477572_10152957951250031_985664030373716874_o 10446059_10152957907930031_6100845229765744442_o905827_10152957950910031_3480939326188862101_o


2 thoughts on “Dope Design | Creative Projects In The Works

  1. You are so damn talented! Good luck with the new project! With such an eye for beauty, I am sure it will be a huge success! 🙂

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