Nu Disco | Borneland – ‘Dandelion/Mix 23 (June 2014)’

Man, it’s been awhile since I’ve shared with you some blissful nu disco vibes from the Borneland brothers, Micki and Jonas.

They’ve been steady pushing their music, I’ve just been super busy, but when I listened to their latest mix, I knew I had to share it with you. 🙂

Full of nu disco and chill edits, this daydreamers soundtrack is titled “Dandelion.” Why? Well here’s what Borneland had to say about the mix:

Setting a seed is somehow symbolic and every single flower in a garden has it’s own history. Seeding involves building up expectations and dreams. Dreams about how this special seed will grow to become something bigger, something beautiful that others will look at with admire – maybe even desire. Even with hard work, care and love you always have the risk of dandelions blossoming just next to your own little project – a thorn in the eye that you pull out with all roots so that it not ruins the perfect picture.
Every mixtape is a part of our garden – however we do actually like dandelions. We care for perfection and spend hours and hours in the studio, picking out the right flowers for our garden, but sometimes its the dandelion or the daisy that fulfills the picture and creates the perfect edge.

With soil on our hands and no fear in our minds, we sent out this mixtape. Hoping that you are ready for another glimpse of roses, dandelions and all of our favourites – Both flowers and weeds.

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