Confession: Online Dating Actually Isn’t So Bad…I Beat The Odds

In search of some tranquility and creative inspiration, I decided to spend the day in our family design/art/dance studio and just allow the sounds of house music to tease my ears. And as I find myself sitting here, grooving to the soulful love-infused house cuts, I can’t help but to think about the past few years of my life…my love life.

Status: Madly In Love

The past few months I’ve been (and still am) in a relationship with a wonderful, incredible, hilarious, amazing, awesome, geeky, intoxicatingly sexy (he’s Puerto Rican/Dominican), and incredibly loving man that breathes fresh air into my life everyday. Not a morning goes by I don’t get a “good morning beautiful/my love” text, and I see him 3-4 times out of the week. It’s not been totally perfect, but compared to my past relationships, it feels like I’m living a lovers dream come true.

Bad Dates Galore

I’ve been through my fair share of ups & downs since…well since I first started dating at age 15 (I’m 23 now, so still young.) I’m young, but I’ve matured over the years, and as I’ve gotten older, my interactions with men have ranged from “mind-blowing awesome” to “nightmares on whatever street I’ve found myself.” And to be honest, a lot of my dating experience has come from, not only meeting potentials in bars/clubs, but a lot of dates I’ve gone on have been from a popular starting point: online dating.

Prior to starting this relationship I’m in now, which was totally unexpected and just sort of blossomed so naturally, I was in this mind state of starting to hate men. I had even wrote a crazy long post right here on this blog about how I was totally over Okcupid. 

I was just so sick of guys that either lack ambition or simply wanted a fuck show with no commitment, and I surely don’t get down like that. I mean, what happened to chivalry and at least discovering my personality and what makes me the beautiful woman I am? After all the dates I went on, it just became a boring routine of mingling with no promise of every really finding true love.

I wanted someone who could give me everything I need (you know emotionally, physically, and spiritually,) but that just seemed like a fairytale that surely couldn’t come true on Okcupid. Yet, in the midst of all the assholes, weirdos, and wanna-be players, I found my prince charming on Okcupid. Haha, so random, right?

Okcupid Actually Worked Out For Me

I’m not really sure how it happened, by somehow by the forces of nature, my fingers swiping left to right on quick match on my phone, and me having an insane attraction to Hispanic guys (I love the culture,) I ended up meeting my current boyfriend on OKC.

Yes, it started off shallow from both of being a “mutual match” based on our photos. I mean I couldn’t deny how sexy he was and how he was totally my type! And of course, he told me (after we chatted) how attracted he was to my big brown eyes, my big natural booty, and of course, the fact I’m 6ft tall.  But after we became aware of the interest in one another, I discovered how awesome/simple his profile was and how we could potentially click. 

We both are nerdy gamers with a passion for technology, culture, house music, and cooking. These are all common interests that were discovered while chatting on OkCupid, but I was still uncertain if we’d actually hit it off or just chat and never meet.

But after a month or so of being Facebook friends, we ended up texting for like a week (right around Valentine’s Day,) and in last-minute meetup, he joined me for a Sunday night of house dancing in DC.

We spent the entire night at the lounge just holding hands, cuddling up on the chaise, grinding and doing some latin moves on the dancefloor, and yeah, kissing. I don’t normally act like that when I first meet someone, especially from OKC, but our chemistry was so naturally. Nobody else in the club mattered, all I wanted was him. And all he wanted was me. Beyond a sexual desire, our souls had greeted each other in a magical connection….

Long Story Short

Since that night at the lounge, we’ve been inseparable. He’s my best friend, the one I talk to everyday about anything and everything. He’s my strength ween I’m weak, my sunshine when thunderstorms roll into my life, and he’s truly an amazing man that protects me, makes me feel beautiful, and cherishes the essence of who I am.

And you know what? If it wasn’t for OkCupid, I would have never ever met him! If it wasn’t for him moving here from the Islands not too long ago and wanting to mingle in the area, our paths would have never crossed except for online dating. So, in contradiction to everything I said months ago about hating online dating, I take it all back….

Okcupid isn’t that bad. Sure, you get the freaks and crazies, but there are also genuine people on there, just like myself, who sincerely want love. Even if they don’t realize it.

My advice? Never give up on the love story you desire, and when you least expect it, love will find you. I know it sounds so cliche, but for real, true love could be a click away…I know. In my case true love was just one click away. And I’m glad I made the decision to push that button.





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