snl when will the bass drop

SNL | ‘When Will The Bass Drop?’ (Video)

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live, with the creativity of The Lonely Island and Lil Jon, did a hilarious digital short mocking EDM culture.

Titled, “When Will The Bass Drop?” this short video featured Andy Samberg in the role of a DJ named Davvincii. Haha, think Avicii. As the crowd goes crazy and the DJ teases them by acting as if he is going to push a big red button labeled “bass,” he instead does everything else but “dj.”

From frying an egg to playing candy crush, the DJ takes forever to actually do something on the decks. But the crowd of hungry EDM lovers don’t care, they keep shouting and claiming it’s the best day of their lives. LOL. 

This short definitely provides some funny commentary on the whole EDM/big room culture and the art of DJing. Seems nowadays anyone can just have a preset mix, look cool, and push buttons in order to be a DJ. But there’s more to the culture, which seems to be fading away into mainstream. 

Which is why, as much as I don’t mind EDM, I’ll always enjoy going to house music events and experience that raw underground vibe that takes me back to the old days. It’s nice seeing DJs spinning vinyl and bringing forth raw skills to the party. 

Either way you want it/have it, go ahead and get your laugh on with this funny sketch. 


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