Deep House | Kody & Leftwing – ‘Lost’


So last night was the last day of film class, and yes, I actually survived my first semester of grad school. Still got a year & half left, but I’m feeling really good. I’ve got the drive to be successful, and when I feel like I might be “lost,” I just let the vibes of deep house hype me up.

I don’t feel lost, but I do love the sound of being lost. The overwhelming frustration can often lead to beautiful creativity. And one track I heard last night while driving was this wicked deep house track titled “Lost.”

Released last year, this track by Leftwing & Kody is such an intoxicating deep house cut that will had me wishing Pandora had a repeat button. Seriously, sometimes one play just isn’t enough!

While the beat of this song is truly my addiction, the soul-infused hook is what really caught my attention. I’m not sure who the singer is, I can feel her frustration in her vocals and I love how passionate she is!

Check out the lyrics & the track below:


The hook:

How am I supposed to try, to love you and be by your side? I’ve been around and around, and I know what I’ve got in you and what you’ve got in me.

We all have good times, and we all have some bad times. Like the darkness turns to light, something just keeps pushing me on and on, on & on, on & on….

Leftwing & Kody Remixes

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