We Are All Astronauts

The Chilled Sounds of ‘We Are All Astronauts’

There’s nothing more tantalizing than the exotic beats pulsating throughout the room, the countless expressions on the faces of strangers, and the eclectic atmosphere that composes a club scene.

However, after all the partying and banging bass, sometimes my mind just needs to peace out to the tranquility of ambient…

Whenever I need a hiatus from the adrenaline rush I get from fast-paced bpms, I opt for the experimental chilled out vibes of Telepopmusik, Washed Out, Bon Iver, Bonobo, and my new obsession, We Are All Astronauts. 

Grasping the art of producing chillwave & ambient sounds, this UK/Boston duo have a lot of tracks on their soundcloud that are a journey waiting to be explored.

“Once” – The Perfect Romance

We Are All Astronauts have many beautiful tracks underneath their belt, but my favorite is their extraordinary love song, “Once.”

This original track, which was written from a bunch of piano improv sessions, is a moving euphoria of sounds. If you’re in love or have ever been in life-changing love, then you will feel love.

When I listen to this track, it compels me to drift off into the surreal abyss of my mind. There, I find myself floating on cloud-nine as the thoughts of my amazing boyfriend (gosh, I love him,) seemingly kiss my soul & erase the pain from my past heartbreaks.

If you’re looking for the soundtrack to romance, then fall in love with the pure bliss of this ambient beauty.

More Chilled Vibes



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