Glen Check I've Got This Feeling

Indie Vibes | Glen Check – ‘I’ve Got This Feeling (Youth! Remixes EP)’

Music is a universal language, and from every corner of the world (maybe even Antarctica,) awesome music is being produced, played, shared, danced to, and celebrated.

Glen CheckSo, in the spirit of music from all over, let me introduce you to this really cool indie band from Seoul, Korea called Glen Check. 

Recognized as one of Korea’s hottest indie bands, Glen Check’s members are June-One Kim and bass and synthesizer player Hyuk-Jun Kang (members of Basement Resistance crew.)

A fusion between synth-wave, new wave, and electro pop, this band produces the type of music you can totally jam out to. And if you really want to have a good time, then you should get hype to their latest album, YOUTH!

The album (below) came out in 2013, but now their single “I’ve Got This Feeling” has received some wicked remixes from the likes Kartell, Lorenz Rhode, Tesla55 and Cabinett. 

Check out the remixes and be sure to peep out Glen Check on Facebook.

This is a pretty cool set of music and apparently Glen Check has some more music up their sleeve with some more exclusive remixes…so stay tuned!

I’ve Got This Feeling Remixes

YOUTH! Album

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