Pure Bliss | Maricopa – ‘The Possibility Of An Island’ EP

13103621495_a7ee4b6417_zHey there!

I know I’ve been MIA for days now, but I’ve been so busy with life: grad school, car stuff, relationship, etc. But I haven’t forgotten about my awesome readers, and surely I could never miss out on the chance to share with y’all some great new music.

So, to kick things into gear, I’m sharing with you some chilled-out vibes from Maricopa.

His new EP, The Possibility Of An Island was just released a few days ago, and it’s got two brilliant tracks to ease your soul.

On the sun-kissed side of things, “This Way Forever” is that gentle ocean breeze I so desperately crave. It’s a blissful gem that serenades you with every moment, and it’s a track you’ll want to listen to on repeat.

So grab some fresh-brewed lemonade and take this chill pill:

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