#Lazysunday | Jazz x Bass – Liquid DNB Mix

Good morning/afternoon/evening, wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re having a great time. 🙂

Normally on the weekends I don’t get to do much blogging, and this weekend I had such an amazing time hanging out in DC with a sexy Latin fella. 😉 From U Street Music Hall to dancing to reggae vibes at Tropicalia to hookah at Gazuza, this was surely an awesome weekend of many more to come.

But now that the weekend is almost over, graduate work is calling my name…so here I am, sitting inside, listening to jazz & bass, and trying to get work done.

In the midst of searching for a mix to listen to, as well as obsessing over the fact Rachelle Ferrell will be in concert this upcoming weekend, I stumbled upon this snazzy, oh so jazzy, liquid DNB mix.

Full of pianos, bass, percussion rifts, and all those #lazysunday vibes, this mix has all the momentum I need to get my coursework done.

And if you’re not in a time crunch to finish school work, then not only are you lucky, but you can totally zone out and enjoy this mix in pure peace…

Go Ahead, Get Jazzed

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