♥| Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt – ‘Shake That (Blonde Remix)’

Shake That Blonde RemixA perfect harmony between piano house chords and a driving bass, Blonde’s remix of Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt’s “Shake That” is the epitome of joy!

When I first heard this track in The Magician’s Magic Tape, I was immediately under the spell of this heavy piano chords. With such a classic bravado, this housey edit reminds of a 90s dancefloor anthem!

Shake That (Blonde Remix)

But then, after checking out Blonde’s soundcloud, I realized this production duo (Adam Englefield & Jake Manson) have an affinity for that 90s house sound. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because the house music of the early 90s was driven by some incredible piano chords.

And who doesn’t love a snazzy piano?

Out of all the tracks on their soundcloud channel, “It’s You” is such a stellar edit that will BLOW YOUR MIND! Driven by a classic-house vibe, “It’s You” is a sexy little number that will have you jumping up & down for joy. Joy, joy, joy.

If you’ve got a frown on your face, then turn this one up loud and let the music change your disposition. 🙂

It’s You

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