Pure Magic | The Magician – ‘Magic Tape 40’

12609535575_658a01223c_oI think I just fell in love! No, not with a guy, but right now I’m head over heels for this delicious pure magic from The Magician.

That’s right, the spectacular Magician has yet again released another Magic Tape full of unreleased gems.

From shimmery electro pop to deep electro house, “Magic Tape 40” is 45 minutes of awesomeness! 🙂 And it’s even got The Magician’s majestic remix of Chromeo’s “Come Alive” featuring Toro Y Moi. 

So go ahead, get your daily dose of magic; right here, right now.

Pure Magic

Remember, there isn’t a track listing…which is why it’s “magic.” But with the help of Shazam and of course, being a house music blogger, I can easily ID the tracks. But out of all the tracks in the mix, by far this one is my favorite:

Shake That (Blonde Remix)

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