Kiesza hideaway music video

Premiere | Kiesza – ‘Hideaway’ (Official VIDEO)

Kiesza hideaway music video

We fell in love with the original, got our bass on with the Gorgon City remix, and now we can check out some iconic dance moves in  Kiesza’s brand new music video—“Hideaway.”

Shot in Williamsburg, New York, the video features Kiesza strolling through the neighborhood and showing off some dance moves with some fellow dancers. In just three days, she learned five different styles of dance. Talk about putting in work! 🙂

You can’t help but to love the deep house groove fused with a cute pop melody, and that’s what makes this song/video so catchy!

The Lokal Legend singer has been making major buzz with her debut single, and later this year she is scheduled to release an album. And from what her press agency told me, we can even expect a unique cover of a BIG 90s dance music classic (you’ll know soon.)

But in the meantime, we’re going to be/stay impressed with how she learned all these new dance moves for her music video. And aside from the dancing, I love her voice!

You go girl! 🙂

Hideaway – Official Music Video

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