Pure Bliss | Chet Faker – ‘Talk Is Cheap’ (VIDEO)


Aussie songwriter-producer, Chet Faker, is working on his debut album Built On Glass. And while we await the April release date, we can enjoy these fresh new visuals for the album single—“Talk Is Cheap.”

Riddled with blissful vibes, “Talk Is Cheap” is a beautiful electronic journey that easily reminds me of a Flume track. Yet, what sets this  Future Classic single apart is this brand new music video that shows us an unwritten connection between talk and transformation.

In the video, we see a bearded Chet Faker transforming from being frozen to a springtime bliss full of blooming flowers, bugs, and sunshine. It’s sort of related/unrelated to the song, but overall it’s a visually stunning video…with stellar sounds.

Watch it in 1080p, for sure. 🙂

Talk Is Cheap

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