Fresh Sounds | Fake Blood – ‘Get Myself Together’

You can call him Theo Keating or Touché, but if you really want to get his attention, then refer to him as Fake Blood.

Although he’s held several DJ monikers/aliases over the years, British DJ/Producer Theo has become wickedly successful as Fake Blood—a popular house/electro DJ.


He’s had many successful releases & remixes, but this lovely Brit is making a huge buzz with his forthcoming EP, Waiting. 

A solid three-track banger, Waiting is Fake Blood’s first big step in 2014. Not one to stick to a boring routine, each track on the EP is steeped in that Fake Blood “quirky electro” vibe, but brings forth a fresh (unexpected) sound.

The EP, which will be out March 10th on Blood Music, includes the following tracks: “Waiting,” “Get Myself Together,” and “Tell Me Nothing.” But to wake up the crowd, Fake Blood is kicking things off with a stream of bouncy house cut, “Get Myself Together.

Get Myself Together

When asked about the arrangement of the track & the massive 90s-house style vocals, Fake Blood wrote,

“The beat sets it up, and then warm chords widen the picture. A weird choir sings, and the vocal falls in over a break. Then the track kicks into gear – the violin stabs and heavy bass pushing urgently along. The voices layer up, hands clap, and sweat runs as the tune builds to a head. Sing the words and dance.” – Fake Blood

This is definitely a BIG track with a unique sound, but it’s caught our attention…and that’s all that really matters: GOOD MUSIC!

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