Gorgon City

Monster Bass | Kiesza – ‘Hideaway (Gorgon City Remix)’

Kiesza Hideaway Gorgon City Remix Upon discovering the infectious electro house single “Hideaway” from Canadian-born singer, Kiesza, I’ve been hooked!

“Hideaway” is one of those tracks that you can’t help but to love, and you surely owe it to yourself (and Kiesza) to play it on REPEAT.

But if you’re still not satisfied and crave more Kiesza, then get hype to Gorgon City’s “monster” bass remix.

Slowing the BPM down a bit, the British bass duo, Gorgon City, have added some heavy bass vibes to “Hideaway.” While the vocals are still the driving force of this single, that monster bass touch gives the track an ultra-edgy vibe.

While the original is still my favorite, this is a solid official remix that will be out March 23rd on NYC-based label, Lokal Legend.

Gorgon City Remix

More Monster Bass


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