foremost poets

♥ | Foremost Poets – ‘Besides Myself (DJ Spen & Neal Conway Remix)’

Two days out of the week, I make the 35-40min commute to my evening graduate classes in Baltimore. At first I was apprehensive due to the distance. But thanks to the bumpin’ house music in the car, the commute feels so much shorter (and the program is pretty awesome too!)

I’ve got a variety of mixes that I listen to, but last night while driving back from my Digital Video class, I was getting my life to DJ Spen & Neal Conway’s remix of Foremost Poets soulful house cut, “Besides Myself.”

I’ve heard this remix years ago, but thanks to Shazam, I was able to ID it right away.  🙂

The remix takes the soulful original and adds more of a Gospel House vibe to it. You can easily starting shouting and praising to this track, whereas the original is still church-like, but doesn’t have those dominant piano chords.

So whether you want to have church or get your dance on, the remix & the original are surely going to satisfy your needs.

Gospel House

Soulful House Original

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