Deep Sugar: Dance Ritual – Little Louie Vega x The Girl Squad (Saturday Feb 8th)

#girlsquad – Ultra Nate x Lisa MoodyUltra Nate, Jasmine McGee, Lisa Moody
Ultra Nate, Me, & Lisa Moody @ 18th Street Lounge

If you’re looking for the core of house music, that pulse that keeps the community alive in Baltimore (and DC,) then experience Deep Sugar. 

For a decade, international sensation,Ultra Nate, and the incredible (oh so soulful,) Lisa Moody, have been throwing their monthly house music party at the legendary Paradox. And if you’ve never been to the Paradox (aka The Dox,) then think of it as Baltimore’s underground circuit with an atmosphere reminiscent of the Paradise Garage. 

I remember the first time I experience Deep Sugar, but in case you don’t remember how it changed my life, then read my personal account of my first night of freedom: Deep Sugar.
And if that’s not enough, then read my post

Baltimore is such an eclectic city, but my favorite thing about Baltimore (aside from the graduate program I’m in for design,) is the wealth of culture within the house music community. 

House Music Scene in Baltimore x DC

Of course you’ve got the strong house community in DC that you’ll find @ 18th Street Lounge on Sundays w/Sam “The Man” Burns, as well as Red Fridays @ U Street Music Hall, but Deep Sugar is such a collaborative underground event that brings everyone together from DC, VA, Philly, Jersey, and even New York.

So if you’re looking for house music in the DMV, that true deep house, soulful house, and disco house, you can find it anywhere (on a weekly basis,) but the best place to experience it is Deep Sugar…

Deep Sugar Present “Dance Ritual”

If you really want to get down and experience an atmosphere of liberation, family, and a wide variety of house music, then come out this Saturday February 8th to Deep Sugar’s “Dance Ritual” with Little Louie Vega & The Girl Squad (Ultra Nate & Lisa Moody.)

No dress code, no drama, no EDM, and no young kids trying to be cool; just a room full of people from all lifestyles getting their life on the dancefloor. Trust me, you need to experience it. 🙂

From 10pm to the break of dawn, it’s house music all night long. You’ll laugh, you’ll jack your body, you’ll make new friends, you might even shed tears of joy. But one thing for certain is, you’ll feel truly at home….our house is your house.

For More Info, visit Facebook

Any questions? Feel free to hit me up as well on FB @ www.facebook.com/Jazei25 or Twitter @thinksoul25.


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