Disco Funk | The Knocks x Ambassadors – ‘Comfortable’


New-York-based production duo have joined forces with Ambassadors for an infectious disco funk release — “Comfortable.”

Driven by sexuality, hot sweats, and dirty affairs with the dancefloor, this is an intoxicating single that is will totally drive you mad (in a good way.)

Everything about this song is bliss, but what really makes this song come alive is that damn sexy chorus that recites “All I see is you and me, dancing in each others company…so comfortable with me.”

The chorus, that banging bass, and the sexual tension in each pulsating rhythm is the perfect recipe for an eargasm.

This is yet another banger from one of my favorite production duos, The Knocks. Man, I really need to see them live the next time they play @ U Street Music Hall.

Go Ahead, Get Comfy

Comfortable Trailer

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