Fresh Sounds | Disclosure x Mary J. Blige – ‘F For You’ (VIDEO)


Disclosure have joined for with R&B legend, Mary J. Blige, and have created a wiicked new version of their hit single, “F For You.”

This new version still has that edgy vibe which made the original such a success, but the vocals of Mary J. Blige add such a sexy soulful touch! You can really feel the raw emotions of her vocals and they totally enhance this track, which was already perfect in my eyes!

Disclosure Rocks

Seriously, Disclosure is one of the best British-production duos to ever hit the music scene, and they’ve been blowing up internationally!

Everywhere I look I’m hearing about Disclosure and I’m not mad about it at all. I’ve been following these two British brothers from the beginning, and as they continue to evolve musically, I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t lose that unique sound they have.

You can’t help but to love these guys. From garage house to electro to deep house, these fellas create music that you can laugh to, cry to, and of course, dance to.

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