Fresh Sounds | Suffix – ‘Lose Control’ (Free EP)

artworks-000068418928-kqs18t-t500x500Fusing together the sounds of house, garage, and an upbeat electro pop vibe, British-producer Suffix knocks em out the park with his new EP, Lose Control. 

The EP contains three solid cuts: “Lose Control,” “Concrete Romance,” and “South Central Sunrise.”

The title track, “Lose Control,” is an upbeat house track that received exclusive play on Annie Mac Presents. Come on now, if it gets played on Annie Mac, then you know it’s totally legit. 

I’m a huge fan of all the tracks, but if I had to pick a favorite (if you’re forcing me,) then I’d say “Concrete Romance” is where it’s at. Why? Because those vocals are pure bliss, resulting in this sexy house/electro vibe that could work on the dance floor, or even  in a late-night stroll with some friends in the city.

Go Ahead, Lose Control

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