Garage House | Strick Biz ft. Dawn Tallman – ‘Life Is Beautiful (Scott Diaz Mix)’

Yesterday, I was just totally in the dumps. Okay not totally, but I definitely wasn’t a happy camper. I was irritated with drama going on, ultra moody (not even PMS,) fed up with a few people, and just not in the best of spirits.

But then everything changed…

Life Is Beautiful


So to get rid of all the negativity, I turned on some house and  worked out on my spin bike. While spinning my frustration away,  I became so overwhelmed with joy when I heard this beautiful track “Life Is Beautiful.”

The original track is by Strick Biz and features the vocals of Dawn Tallman, but the deep garage house mix by Scott Diaz truly brightened up my day.

While the beat makes you want to get up, dance, and shout some hallelujahs, the vocals are what truly resonate: “Life is beautiful.” Which is so true. Despite those moments of frustration I might feel, my life is beautiful. I’ve got a lot of good things going for me.

Llittle moments of nuisances can’t ruin my day, my week, or even my life, because you know what, my life is beautiful…and so is yours!

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