Awesomesauce | ‘Devil Baby’ Strolls The Streets of New York (VIDEO)

Remember when the Carrie remake came out last year and they did the crazy coffee shop prank? Well, in a similar marketing strategy, the marketing department of the Devil’s Due (out tomorrow) have created a crazy viral mania with their “Devil Baby” prank.

The video, which already has 8.5+ million views on YouTube, shows a remote-controlled baby in a stroller terrifying random New Yorkers.

I already can’t stand kids and don’t want to have any, but I couldn’t imagine having this prank pulled on me. I would have totally flipped out! Major meltdown perhaps. I’m already awkward with babies (just don’t have that motherly vibe,) let alone a demon baby. Oh, HELL NO!

From a blood-curling “exorcist-like” scream to vomiting uncontrollably, this baby is on a demonic rampage!

Devil Baby Prank

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