Soul To Unite | The Biggest Deep x Soulful House Labels of 2013

262822_10151071850744037_114272559_nAll #ForTheLoveofHouse, our buddies over at Soul To Unite have put together a great feature titled “The Biggest Labels of 2013.”

You see, 2013 was a great year in the music scene. Yes, we saw a craze rise in EDM becoming more mainstream, but let’s push EDM to the side and get soulful. I’m talking about the deep and soulful house music scene and the labels that are keeping it alive.

Importance of Record Labels

So why are labels important to keeping the dance music scene, especially deep & soulful house alive? See what Soul To Unite says on the matter:

Record labels have been hugely important in the dance music business throughout the history. Labels can only be considered as businesses but in so many cases are more like brands with their identities and personalities. Yes there are huge labels releasing all sorts of music but the ones really close to our hearts are labels who have their signature sound even if they have a big roster of producers working with them. In many respects this is the backbone of (underground) dance music.

Giving our 5+ years experience with Soul to Unite Radio Hour you have surely noticed we have our favourites. These are the labels who have continuously released top quality music, keeping the pace of releases up to date and working their way to hour playlists and hearts. – Soul To Unite

Soul To Unite

269576_10151265725604037_267673118_nTo get a bigger picture of the community, the labels, and the breakout releases of 2013, head over to Soul To Unite to read the entire article, as well as enjoy listening to some great deep & soulful selections.

Happy Housing!

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