Fresh Sounds | Simian Mobile Disco – ‘Snake Bile Wine’


“Snake Bile Wine.” It sounds disgusting, but it’s actually an intoxicatingly delicious techno track from Simian Mobile Disco.

Well…its also more than a new track from their forthcoming release, DelicaciesAccording to Simian Mobile Disco, it’s this concoction that is used to enhance male virility. Don’t believe me? See what the guys wrote via soundcloud:

snake-bile-wine-200811-ssSnake Bile Wine – a tipple enjoyed in both China and Vietnam, where the venom and bile from the gall bladder is believed to improve male virility, amongst other benefits – consuming the poison makes you a man, it seems…. Snakes are either steeped whole in wine, or the bile is squeezed directly into a glass.

Hmmm…sounds so strange, but it’s been around for ages, so maybe it works. Fellas, would you give it a try? Maybe if you drink it like a shot it wouldn’t be so bad..nah, it probably taste disgusting still!

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