Soulful House | Kenny Dope x Raheem Devaughn – ‘I Got Rhythm’


What happens when a house legends teams up with an R&B crooner? You get a delightfully soulful track that not only kisses the soul, but teases your body with pulsating beats.

The Masters at Work legend, Kenny Dope, teamed up with Washington, DC R&B crooner, Raheem Devaughn, and together the two crafted magic on a track titled “I Got Rhythm.”

Now, if the title sounds like something you’ve heard from Dope before, then you’re right. 10 years ago marks the release of the original track “I Got Rhythm.” And to celebrate the 10 year anniversary, Dope teamed up with Devaughn for a soulful & bouncy house remix.

The original will always be classic, but Raheem Devaughn’s vocals are perfection on this cut. And as a big fan of his music, I’m glad to see him crossing over and embracing the soulful side of house. 🙂

Get Souled:

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