Awesomesauce | Hilarious/Creepy ‘Mom Song’ Old Spice TV Ad

We all have seen those Old Spice commercials featuring the handsome man on the horse, but in 2014 it seems that the brand wants to kick things off with a creepy, yet funny, approach to their advertising.

Introducing: “Mom Song”

This creepy song shows a weird perspective of a mother and her son becoming a man the more he uses Old Spice. In the commercial, the various moms are singing (more like chanting) this song and spying on their sons using some hilarious stalking-moves. 

The best moment in this commercial is when the mom looks crazy-possessed and slides across the floor and onto the couch. Seriously, she is having some major issues dealing with her son becoming a man.

Which poses the big question, can mom handle her little boy growing up? Apparently not!

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