Defected Radio | Lovebirds Guest Mix (Show 1.6.14)


In the latest Defected In The House Radio show, Copyright kicks off the year with some new tracks from: Route 94, Oliver $ and Jimi Jules, Konstantin Sibold, Gotsome, and Paolo Rocco.

But then things really get sexy & soulful when Germany-based house producer Lovebirds (Sebastian Doering) steps in for the featured guest mix.

Embracing the soulful side of house, Lovebirds selects some great tracks to ease your mind, body, and soul.

Out of all the tracks he selects, my favorite is a delicious soulful slow-burn by HHNY titled “Tears.”

Alright, now that you had a slice of what to expect, go ahead and get lost in this great mix from Copyright x Lovebirds. 

Go ahead, get souled:

More Soulful House From Lovebirds

By the way, if you’ve never really got into the soulful house side of things with Lovebirds, then you’ve been missing out! He’s got some brilliant tracks, but by far my favorite is (and will always be) “Want You In My Soul” featuring the vocals of Stee Downes.

Give it a spin:

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