House 101 | Kathy Brown – ‘Turn Me Out’ x Remixes

Good morning/afternoon house lovers! Did you have a good weekend? 🙂

My weekend was a pretty quiet one, considering I was planning out my detox for the week (which starts today.) I’ll blog more about that later on, but right now I’ve got a delicious remix to share with you.


Played in Sam Divine’s Defected Radio Takeover mix, this track is Justin Jay’s deeper remix of Russ Chimes’ “Turn Me Out.”

Check it out:

History of “Turn Me Out”

But Russ Chimes didn’t start the “Turn Me Out” craze. Nope, it all goes back to 1994 in Cutting Records Studios in New York City. It was in that studio that Praxis teamed up with Kathy Brown to create (unbeknownst) to them a house/dance anthem!

You see, “Turn Me Out” is a classic house track, but like most classic songs it has been revived, replayed, and remixed by various artists, but the best remix I’ve come across is the Russ Chimes version, followed up by the Justin Jay deep house remix.

There you go folks, a little history of “Turn Me Out” for you. I’m still a huge fan of the classics and that original Kathy Brown touch, but I must give Russ Chimes props for his version of the track.

All in all, it’s all good stuff.




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